Crowd Funding Services

Complete Marketing & Management Service for Kickstarter & Indiegogo Campaigns.

Optimizing your campaign page

  • Our team of Crowd Funding experts will review your page, and give you tips to improve your campaign page.
  • We will give you advice on making an attractive project page, as well as give feedback on important settings that determine campaign success like campaign duration and your reward strategy.

Running Social Media ads

  • Social Media ads are the most efficient way to promote your campaign and get new backers,
  • Social Media ad's run on a ROAS model which means Every day you'll get an overview of your ad performance from us, and you can choose to maintain, increase or decrease your ad spending.
  • You will pay only what you get from our efforts.

Promote your campaign into our promotional network 

  • This is one of our unique values , We will make your campaign active on our network which includes online magazines , Influencer networks , newspapers , bloggers …etc.
  • Then you can get a lot of traffic and a lot of backers as well.

List your project Free of Charge

  • We will list your project free of charge on
  • Our Facebook page.
  • When you add our company as a collaborator in your project and mention us on one of your project updates.

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