Software Tools

Sales Automation

INext Solutions will allow clients to analyze sales efficiency and customize it for maximum efficiency. The Company’s sales automation offerings assign tasks that need to be completed in each stage of the sales process to the perfect schedule to increase efficiency. INext Solutions will measure the impact to accurately evaluate the health of your sales and make targeted improvements.

Sales Lead Generation

Using INext Solutions’ services, clients can generate more sales leads by studying company goals and customers can provide a strategy to target the right customers. Sales Lead Generation will use the power of social media to expand the awareness of potential customers to products and services.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management systems allow clients to better to customers through multiple channels, all while centralizing information that empowers the sale team to have contextual, meaningful conversations with prospects.

Pipeline Management

INext Solutions will help clients better track sales records, as well as receive real-time performance charts and account insights. Pipeline management solutions also include instant alerts and the ability to make statics for deals and accounts—all designed to help clients sell smarter and grow faster.


INext Solutions uses the most popular portals to help companies promote their products online. This includes tools to create high-quality photos, product market study, and product promotion.

Predictive Sales

The Company’s predictive sales offerings provide the capability to establish the win probability of every ongoing deal based on how close the client is to conversion. It also identifies sales anomalies in real time so they can be corrected in real time. The Predictive Sales provide smart contact information that provides the best time and day to contact each customer.

Market Analysis

The Company will work with clients to identify their market and customers’ needs, allowing clients to craft a marketing campaign that captures a customers’ attention. INext Solutions will divide and conquer, diving customers based on their region, requirements, lead source to generate a more efficient marketing campaign that speaks to every type of customer.

Competitive Analysis

INext Solutions will identify the top ten competitors of each client, as well as analyze and compare competitors’ content. The Company will identify the market shares for each competitor, as well as analyze how powerful the client is against the competition.

Content Management

The Company analyzes customers demographic type and what they want, which helps clients then provide content that they can understand and react to. INext Solutions addresses these problems and provide the best solution.

Web Design & Development

INext Solutions understands that the first impression is often the only chance a client has to make an impact. Using the Company’s solutions, clients can create a beautiful and efficient website.

Social Media Marketing

INext Solutions uses exponentially large leads provided by social media to enable customers to reach more customers. The Company allows clients to advertise their services and products across these vast platforms.

Mobile App Development

The Company will help clients create mobile applications that create easy connections to customers.

Email Marketing

INext Solutions will help clients organize direct email marketing lists and content to regularly connect with prospective customers.

Event Marketing

INext Solutions recognizes that event marketing catches more interest from individuals who are interested in the industry and the client’s products or services.


The Company’s SEO services will increase search rankings to ensure that the business is found by the right customers.

Performance Tracking

INext Solutions will provide tools to track sales’ performance and compare them with previous performances to pinpoint the best movers in the client’s industry. The Company will also track the teams’ efforts and performance, as well as analyze lost business deals to improve the clients’ performance.

Team CollaborationO

INext Solutions will keep teams up to date on deals, ideas, and broadcast announcements. The Company’s solutions will divide sales teams into specialized groups to manage specific tasks.

Robotic Process Automation

The Company’s robotic process automation will decrease human interaction, decrease running cost, and increase work throughout. The robotic process automation will overall enhance efficiency.

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